At this moment, thousands of American service men and women are on duty in far away outposts around the world as well as here in the USA; meanwhile their families try to carry on at home. We want to do our part to remind everyone of the sacrifices of these brave men and women make every day. We need your assistance in spreading this message of courage.

That’s where the Red Bands Of Courage come in. These red wristbands with the word COURAGE emblazoned on them are a constant reminder of the pride we feel for these soldiers and their families. We’re teaming up with radio stations across America to spread the word.

The Red Bands Of Courage cost $2, and serves as a fundraiser for the local military charities that help provide for our local soldiers and families in need. One dollar from every Courage Band sale goes directly to these selected charities. Honor our troops, and their families by supporting the Red Bands Of Courage.

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